The Value of Consistent Quality

July 23, 2020

Sweet Bran, RAMP and OneTrak include unique promises of brand value. One of these promises is the consistent quality of every shipment. Our quality process starts early, before any product is manufactured, and continues through every load we ship.  

Our process for ensuring consistent quality is outlined in this article. It is extensive but necessary to ensure quality is never in question for our customers.

Ingredient Integrity: Prior to manufacturing any final product, quality starts with our ingredients and monitoring process. Cargill has a specialized team responsible for evaluating and auditing our suppliers and, if necessary, adjusting our ingredient supply if any issues with quality are identified.  

Manufacturing Processes: At the time of manufacturing, quality is maintained through our process capabilities, manufacturing parameters, and product analysis. Our computerized systems monitor our ingredient inclusions in real-time to ensure they fall within the target ranges prior to shipment. Operations processes are verified through finished feed analysis, mixer uniformity studies, medicated feed assays and process equipment calibrations and checks. Any non-conformances are promptly investigated through root-cause analysis tools and corrective actions to prevent a recurrence.

Assurance Testing Every Load: All Sweet Bran, RAMP, and OneTrak shipments are sampled and tested prior to leaving for customer delivery. All shipments need to meet specifications before they ship.

Cargill Branded Feed creates proprietary feed ingredients to improve digestive health and performance for production animals in the beef, dairy, aquaculture and pet food markets. Branded Feed is a segment of Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers (CSST).