The energy to
finish strong.

Sweet Bran is a high-energy ration ingredient designed to improve the health of the rumen, which results in improved utilization of the entire ration leading to increased energy intake, performance and gain.

It began the revolution in rumen health.

Sweet Bran changed the way cattle are fed. By replacing a portion of the starch in the ration with energy-dense, highly digestible corn fiber and steep, you increase intake and utilize more energy from the entire diet.
A healthy rumen makes for big gains.

A healthy rumen makes for big gains.

In a healthy, balanced rumen, VFAs aren’t being produced faster than they can be absorbed, which can occur in a traditional, high grain diet. This maintains a more stable rumen pH over the feed period, reducing the chance for acidosis and cyclical feed intake.

Sweet Bran helps create a balanced rumen pH in the animal by allowing a broader range of rumen microbes to flourish, which converts more of the entire diet to energy and avoids cyclical eating patterns, promoting increased intake throughout the entire feeding period.

Sweet Bran drives better performance.