Start strong for a
big finish.

RAMP is a highly palatable, complete starter ration designed to get cattle Right to the Bunk. By improving the health of the rumen, RAMP promotes consistent eating patterns and increased energy intake that carries over to the finishing phase.

A complete starter ration that rethinks how cattle get started.

A unique, total mixed ration, RAMP replaces the grain in the diet with a highly digestible, high-energy fiber that delivers a more stable energy source for the animal. RAMP has a unique impact on the rumen microbiome and the consumption patterns of the animal that helps the rumen microbes and the animal more readily adapt to the finishing diet. Over the entire feeding period, the animal eats more, and more consistently, compared to a traditional starter diet.
A healthy rumen makes for big gains.

A healthy rumen starts early.

RAMP helps create a healthy rumen in the animal. When the rumen’s healthy, a broader range of microbes flourish, so the animal converts the entire diet into needed energy. RAMP promotes greater absorption of volatile fatty acids through the rumen wall. VFAs aren’t being produced faster than they can be absorbed, as often occurs in a traditional, high-grain diet. This maintains a stable rumen pH over the feed period, reducing the chance for acidosis and cyclical feed intake.

Consistent eating,
big gains.

With RAMP, the animal eats more meals spread out over more hours of the day, resulting in greater energy intake and a higher rumen pH. The results speak for themselves.

Get your operations
off to a strong start, too.

RAMP frees the feedyard from the typical challenges, frustrations and inefficiencies associated with manufacturing and sourcing starter rations.