Sweet Bran’s Impact on Performance

October 15, 2021

Sweet Bran is a versatile product that aids in rumen health and overall improved performance when corn is replaced in a finishing ration. The ingredients that comprise Sweet Bran increase digestion of the major nutrient components of the ration, improving rumen fermentation patterns that result in increased intakes and gains. We have conducted over 25 large pen, metabolism and commercial studies to evaluate the effects our products have on performance in beef cattle. Throughout the years, the cattle types and ration compositions have evolved, but our improvement to rumen health and performance continues.

When Sweet Bran is included in the ration at 20–25% in a steam-flaked corn diet, an improvement of average daily gain (ADG) of 2.19% is observed, along with a one-pound increase in intake. In a high-moisture dry-rolled corn diet, a Sweet Bran inclusion of 20–30% increases gain 8.6% and intake 1.7 lbs. Additionally, when Sweet Bran is combined with RAMP and fed as a complete program, cattle have shown a 4.5–6.1% increase in average daily gain, compared to a standard diet.

Cattle consuming Sweet Bran are digesting the fiber, starch and protein to a greater extent that promotes a more balanced rumen fermentation pattern and profile. Rumen pH is less variable over a 24-hour period as a result of more diverse microbial populations and volatile fatty acid production. These chemical characteristics change the way the cattle consume feed by reducing the size of meals and increasing the number to alter the rumen environment to sustain a more productive state throughout the feeding phase.

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