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When It Comes to Service You Won’t Find Any Bunk.

With the Sweet Bran Team, you’re doing business with people who understand your business. And because we understand the challenges you face, we make it our job to make your job less complicated. There are five foundational ways we do this.

Consistent products. Our tools, processes, procedures and testing are best in class—and they ensure we deliver consistent nutrition with every load.

Dedicated logistics. We control production, logistics and order management to ensure our products are there for you to feed.

Superior customer care. Our service and business processes are designed to help your operation be as efficient and productive as possible.

Value-based pricing. RAMP and Sweet Bran are priced based on the value they deliver, as well as in relation to the market prices of corn and other ration ingredients. We strive to deliver pricing that remains fair in the long term for everyone involved.

Long-term relationships. We pride ourselves in developing relationships that last for years. We look forward to doing the same with you.

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