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Improved Rumen Health

More stable and productive ruminal fermentation.

Increased Energy Intake

Every day. Greater palatability and less cyclical consumption patterns.

Peace of Mind

There’s no other feeding experience like it. You know what it is and that it will be there – every time.

Your Change Makes Dollars.

RAMP is a complete starter ration scientifically proven to add 16 pounds of HCW per head.

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Does This Feed Make My Cattle Look Big?

Sweet Bran is a ration ingredient that drives profitability through greater energy intake, improved rumen health and increased rate of gain.

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The Big 3 VFA's (volatile fatty acids) in the rumen of cattle are Acetate, Propionate, and Butyrate. Balanced production of these help promote a productive and stable pH and rumen environment. Sweet Bran and RAMP are designed to promote the balanced production of the Big 3 VFA’s which create a more stable and productive rumen which improves digestive health and increases energy and intake. #RumenHealth http://bit.ly/2LRX5J9

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Cattle are ruminants, meaning that of their 4 stomachs, the largest is the rumen - a big fermentation vat full of microorganisms. When they consume feed, the “bugs” digest it and, as a byproduct, produce valuable energy compounds for the animal called volatile fatty acids (VFA’s). Maximizing energy while also helping to stabilize the rumen are key reasons for the effectiveness of Sweet Bran and RAMP. http://bit.ly/2xlFjFX

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