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Sweet Bran
cattle are big on it.

A highly palatable, high-energy ration ingredient for finishing cattle, Sweet Bran also provides valuable rumen degradable protein. Its unique combination of highly digestible fiber and low starch content that reduces your animals’ digestive problems—driving higher and more consistent feed intake for a big improvement in performance and profitability.

There's a lot to love about Sweet Bran.

  • Controlled formulation for consistent nutrient content from load to load and from bunk to bunk
  • Highly palatable, so cattle keep returning to the bunk
  • Superior energy density without the starch and digestive risk
  • Better rumen health due to higher rumen pH and improved NDF digestibility
  • Over 2/3 of the total protein in Sweet Bran is Rumen-degradable

A ration ingredient for the very best finish.

By providing better rumen health, Sweet Bran has cattle returning to the bunk all day and all night long. And that results in improvements you won’t find in any other ration ingredient.


improvement in Dry Matter Intake


improvement in Average Daily Gain


reduction in Cost of Gain

With Sweet Bran, there is no comparison.

Sweet Bran is different than other ration ingredients because of its unique ability to increase the energy intake of cattle on feed, while also maintaining a higher rumen pH for better rumen health.

Learn more about Sweet Bran by reading the research that proves its effectiveness when compared to traditional finishing rations.

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