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Because you both have a lot to gain.

RAMP is a complete starter ration specially formulated to provide energy density with low starch content and natural protein. With RAMP, your new cattle will go right to the bunk as soon as they enter the feedlot. And instead of eating fewer large meals, they’ll eat smaller meals more frequently all day and throughout the night. That difference in intake changes the rate and efficiency of how they gain—which means you gain a lot more, too.

A Good Start for the Best Possible Finish.

  • 5%

    increase in Average Daily Gain over the entire feeding period

  • 4%

    improvement in feed conversion over the entire feeding period

  • $10+

    per head greater profits when fed to a common endpoint

  • $20+

    per head greater profits for the same days on feed

  • 16

    pounds per head extra Hot Carcass Weight when days on feed are held constant

Happy, Healthy Cattle from Day One.

When you start cattle on RAMP, they immediately begin consuming more energy than cattle that are fed traditional starter rations. In addition to increased energy intake, those cattle also maintain a higher rumen pH.

Change That Lasts a Lifetime.

RAMP changes how a steer eats during his entire time in the feedyard. Once your cattle are on a finishing ration, they continue to consume more energy and maintain a higher rumen pH—right up to the day you load them out. In the end, this more efficient feeding pattern adds an average of 16 pounds more hot carcass weight by the time of harvest.

Weight Gain Is Better with Wait Loss.

RAMP is unparalleled when it comes to your animals’ gain. But it’s just as good at improving your operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Average elimination of 33% of a feedyard’s roughage needs
  • Reduction of mill operations of 1-2 hours per day
  • Reduction of overall man hours of 8-12 hours per day
  • Improved on-time feed delivery at the yard due to catch-up capacity at the mill, more effective finished feed storage, and improved mill efficiency

Learn more about RAMP by reading the research that proves its effectiveness when compared to a traditional starter ration.

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