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Better Rations from Start to Finish.

For more profitable cattle feeding performance, start with RAMP and finish with Sweet Bran. Cattle starting on RAMP consume feed differently—eating smaller, more frequent meals over more hours of the day. This results in greater overall energy intake while maintaining better rumen health. But that’s just the beginning. RAMP also has a uniquely positive effect on the rumen microbe population and how it adapts during the transitions to the finishing ration. When that finishing ration includes 20% Sweet Bran, your cattle maintain the improved rumen health and the positive shift in their consumption patterns, increased energy intakes and rate of gain.

The combination of RAMP and Sweet Bran results in much higher plane of performance. You benefit from higher gain and lower cost of gain. And that leads to higher profit.

Your Change Makes Dollars.

RAMP is a complete starter ration scientifically proven to add 16 pounds of HCW per head.

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Does This Feed Make My Cattle Look Big?

Sweet Bran is a ration ingredient that drives profitability through greater energy intake, improved rumen health and increased rate of gain.

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